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(1) How did you hear about this "Christians 20/30" event?

(2) What was the main reason you came to this event?

(3a) How would you rate the venue ?

(3b) Was our communication before/ during the event sufficient for you?  Any suggestion of how we can improve?

(4) What was your favorite part of the whole day?

(5) We would love to hear a highlight AND a suggested improvement for this event from you  - can you share with us?
(6) Is there anything else you would like to share about the event?

(7a) Overall, how would you rate this "Christians 20/30" event ?

(7b) How likely will you recommend Christians 20/30 community (and its networking events) to your friend?

(8) What do you see as the MAIN purpose of Christians 20/30 events?

(9)  What kind of networking activities would you be interested to join in future (please select one or more option)?

(10) All Christians 20/30 Event are run by a team of volunteers to provide the platform for Christians Young Adult to meet across multi-denominational churches in Victoria.

If you would consider to help future Christians 20/30 event (e.g. organise the event, help on the day, help to share/promote the event), please kindly let us know your contact details (Name, Email, Phone No.) ! Many Thanks!! 🙂