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(1) How did you hear about this "Christians 20/30" event?

(2)  Were you able to make it to the event ?
(3) Was our communication before/ during the event sufficient for you?  Any suggestion of how we can improve?

(4) How would you rate the venue ?

(5) What was your favorite part of the whole day?

(6) Is there anything else you would like to share about the event?

(7a) Overall, how would you rate this "Christians 20/30" event ?

(7b) How likely will you recommend Christians 20/30 community (and its networking events) to your friend?

(8) What do you see as the MAIN purpose of Christians 20/30 events?

(8) We would love to hear a highlight AND a suggested improvement for this event from you  - can you share with us?
(9)  What kind of networking activities would you be interested to join in future (please select one or more option)?

(10) All Christians 20/30 Event are run by a team of volunteers to provide the platform for Christians Young Adult to meet across multi-denominational churches in Victoria.

If you would consider to help future Christians 20/30 event (e.g. organise the event, help on the day, help to share/promote the event), please kindly let us know your contact details (Name, Email, Phone No.) ! Many Thanks!! 🙂